Saturday, June 4, 2011

"That depends... How many diapers do we have?"


Most young ladies that are nearing in on their twenty second birthday have no issues with the above word.

Leaving the mall, wanna stop and tan?  Sure. Why not?

On our way to the store to buy more cereal, should we stop to look at the vendors selling only Lord knows what?  How would we ever know what they have if we don't???
Bored?  Wanna go to the water park for the last half hour it's open?
Ok.  I like water.
If you're me, it all depends on how many diapers I have.
Now that the punkin head is older, I can share my food and drinks with her, and as long as we have diapers and a paci ( I know, it's time to get rid of it.  We will touch on that later) we are free to move about the cabin until the Pilot turns on the fasten seat belt sign    we run out of diapers and have to go home before some one ( or more than that person) is covered in pee and is mighty uncomfortable.
I find it humorous that I don't carry more diapers with me.
Especially since my life depends on it.
No diapers?  No random fun things.
I like random fun things.

And water.
And starting sentences with and.

Unfortunately, diapers take up space.  Space isn't always available.  Especially if they're cloth diapers.  Those bad boys are fluffy!
( so fluffy I could die!)
Wanna know something?

I am in Texas!
Americans can be so rude.
So much litter it makes me sad.

Chick Fil A
Pastures with wrought iron fences and Oak Trees and cows.
cooking with mom

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Well, it's been a month.

Since I last said " Well, I need to blog again." 

I am pretending like today is a rainy day.  It is actually beautiful, warm and the sun is shining, but I have the curtains closed and am brewing a cup of tea.

I plan on cleaning the dishes and hiding the laundry baskets so I don't remember I have to fold clothes.  I am hoping to find another sewing project, other than pillows to work on so I can keep getting a little better.  I am going to charge my camera battery, and pray that I will find some good pictures to take here soon.  

Baby is napping, her daddy is working. 

I need to play catch up on quite a few things.  
I need to write my penpals and grandparents.
I need to return my books to the Library.
I need to start dinner.
I need to clean the bathroom.

All I can think about is a Texas Summer Thunderstorm.  With lightening and thunder and horses running to their shelters.  I would be drinking tea, reading a book and watching the rain.

Even though I know I sound lazy and homesick, I can say that I feel as if we're finally adjusting to living in Japan.  Now that the weather is warmer and we have more friends, it's not as scary to get out.  Every time we try something new or go somewhere new, I learn more about Japan.

The people are amazing.

The driving has worked out well.  I am hoping to practice more Japanese.
My new Japanese friends are great, and I love going to play group to hang out with them and their sweet, adorable babies.

I am happy.
However,  the dishes are still dirty, the bed needs to be made and the laundry needs to be hidden folded.

I think I can honestly say I am happy to do that.  I am happy to maintain my house, feed my family and show them how I love them in some of the most simple ways.  I am happy to pretend it's raining and be relaxed, even though it's a gorgeous warm spring day outside.  

I am happy that God is blessing our family.

What have we been doing all month?  Not too much, honestly.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

PlayingSewingShooting... Driving?!

Playing, sewing, shooting ( pictures!)  Driving ( and no one died!)

Things have been so busy and fun!  ( at least in comparison to previous cold, gross,cold months) pumpkin and I joined up with MOPS ( Mothers of Preschoolers) on base, and I love having a few hours of grown up talk.  I even met a new friend with a daughter about a year older than Ava, and they get along well- as do our husbands!  Last meeting, we started our own herb gardens; I am hoping mine turns out ok, I have never tried to grow anything before!

Red's parents came in March, which was so much fun for us and Ava.  You can tell how much they love eachother and enjoy spending time together.  We did a lot of adventuring, as well!  The weather was a bit chilly, but we had enough nice days to get some sightseeing in, like the Peace Park in Hiroshima.   

A couple of weeks later, my mommy came back!  We went to a tea and coffee shop in Miyajima, and sewed a pillow case together with my new sewing machine.  I'll admit I have a very, very long way to go.  We drank a ton of yuzu tea, and did a ton of laughing.  Oh, and we let fish eat our feet.  So there.  ( EW. EW. EW.)

While mom was here, the Cherry Blossoms were in full bloom.  It was gorgeous!!  I could have never fully pictured what it would be like to walk through a pathway lined with Cherry Blossoms, and petals falling all over.  It was breathtaking every direction you turned. 

We recently concluded our Photography Class by taking pictures of flowers, each other, scenery, flowers in what seemed to be a snake sanctuary and waterfalls.  I am so thankful I took the class!  I don't get as frustrated taking pictures any more.  I am able to understand what to do to get the shot I desire.  I am able to find desirable shots, too.  I am even shooting in manual pretty much all the time!

Last, but not least.  I. am.  DRIVING.  Here in Japan.  On the wrong side of the road.  On Sidewalk streets.  With pedestrians and bicyclists and little old people and little young people and mopeds and other scary things.  But, I am doing it.  I am learning to go places and drive defensively and squeeze a minivan through the streets, going around a corner, looking at a mirror to see if any one is coming with a mountain on the other side.  Sometimes, I even do it calmly.  

Pumpkin head is cuter than ever.  Nearing in on a year and a half, she is starting to communicate with me more!  With shaking her head "no" to every question, or saying "ball!"  from the second she wakes up to the time she goes to sleep again.  ( it sounds like Bahwl though.  Caint helps it none.  shes got Arkansan and Texas blood in those veins right there.)  She is definitely trying to repeat more things we say, she tried to tell her nanny Happy Birthday tonight on the phone!!  It was precious.  She blows kisses, goes in for hugs and waves at any one who might give her a sideways glance.  OH!  and, she tries to say "arigato" the Japanese word for thank you.  She also bows her little head when she does it! I love her.

It's 1 a.m.  

I went to bed at 9 30 pm.

Got out at 12 30 when Red kept asking questions in his sleep.

I am so tired.

I need to wake up by 630 to start working out and get ready

That doesn't sound like fun.

Yesterday I tried to set myself up for success.  
I put my work out clothes with in grabbing distance for the morning.
I set out my tennisshoes
I set my alarm
I told my husband my plan.
I made a schedule of the activities I needed to do the following day.
I set out my hand weights.

Then, I woke up at 830, the same time as Ava.
Decided to work out in the afternoon.

Lost my DVD.
Decided it wasn't my day and did the dishes.

Tomorrow is another day right?

Friday, March 25, 2011

A bright Spot in a dark time.

I was reading my Mommy's blog today after she told she's "been on fire with blogging"  ( two whole posts this month!)  and then made herself the third person to remind me lately I haven't been blogging.  At first, there wasn't much to blog about.  It was cold, rainy, cold and much better to stay inside with coffee.  Then, things got pretty crazy.  We were preparing for Red's parents to head in from the states.  Visitor's passes, hotel accommodations on base, and trying to prepare an idea of what we could do to see the sights while they were visiting. Then, the day after Jim and Deb's arrival, all heck broke loose.  We were coming back from seeing the Kintai bridge and swans and the beginning of Cherry Blossoms.  I got a text from my brother " You get killed by an earthquake?"  Not knowing that anything was happening since we were gone all day and surrounded by people that don't speak the same language as me, I said " yup", thinking he was just being him.  We heard sirens.  We looked around, no one was panicking.  "Maybe that just means the park is closing?"  Then my darling brother says "So, you are ok?  Can you Skype?"  I realized that he was actually checking on me for some reason.  We turned on AFN, and were caught up on the situation.

" An 8.9 Magnitude Earthquake has struck Honshu, Japan.  The Iwakuni area is under a Tsunami Warning" 

It's really hard to explain the feelings I had at this point.  I remember looking out the car window, and the sun was shining as it had been all day.  The ground was still, buildings were where they should be, and the water was still.  It was hard to believe that such major destruction and devastation was occurring just a few hundred miles away.  ( 440 miles to be exact.  I am very thankful for google maps and iPhones)  When I checked on Facebook, I was starting to get the " Are y'all Ok" messages, and decided to put up that we were fine, but under a tsunami warning.  That was really all we knew at that point.

We got home and turned on the news, we heard more facts.  Got a little more worried.  Red and me went to the PX to look for something, and saw the news in Japanese and a Japanese man watching.  I asked him what they were saying.  He told me that if Iwakuni did get a tsunami, it would be very small, maybe half a meter.  Apparently, during this time, my mom was trying to call me.  A lot.  Since life was going on as normal here, I wasn't really feeling a sense of urgency or panic.  I had already updated my Face Book, which in my mind is the center for all communication and updates.  Pumpkin head hasn't moved away or been out of my sight during a natural disaster yet, so I can't imagine how worried my momma was.   We were able to skype later, which was nice for the both of us. 

Any way, like I was saying, I was reading my Momma's Blog earlier.  She was telling the story of her Grandparents, Roxie Mae and Elbert.  Roxie Mae died the day after my  mom was born, she had always thought that she was added stress around a sad time, but learned later that every one always thought she was such a bright spot in a dark time.  My mom is the youngest of five girls, can you imagine the squealing around a newborn baby sister?!   ** note to self, do not have all girls.  Covered squealing while committed to the High School dance team. ** 

I find it amazing how differently each person can percieve a situation.  To my mother, in 1965, she was added stress.  To her sisters and Mother, she was a happy, new baby girl to love on during a time of sadness.  To my mother in 2011, when the fifth largest earthquake in the world hit the country where her  baby was living, she was worried.  She was afraid.  All the while I was following to see what was happening up North of us.  I updated.  We were fine. We skyped, bright spot.  Pumpkin was smiling and dancing and blowing kisses.    No matter what, she is always a bright spot.  Even if the day isn't that dark. 

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

I got some 'splainin to do.

I never mentioned the reason for the pseudo names. Or why I picked the names.

Red's in the Military, it's a small world.  I am sure it would be fairly easy to figure out our names, but I am just taking a small step to protect our family, and that may or may not be necessary. 

My husband is not a red-head.  Nor was he ever a red-head.  He did not get dyed red as a practical joke in High school.  My husband loves the Arkansas Razorbacks
Loves them

Not like " Oh, I love pizza!"

He has a passion for them Razorbacks.

So, while there was a big game he was getting all psyched up about, I started calling him Razorback Red.

I don't know why, but I called him Red for about a week, and decided that would be a fine nickname for the blog.

My daughter's nickname will probably change daily and as we go along, but she's my Pumpkin Head.

So, if you were wondering, there ya go.

I hope we all have some answers now.

We'll all sleep better.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011


I will not consider myself a photographer.  I think that title needs to be saved for those who know what they're doing with their camera, can see what they want to create with a picture, and those who have a talent for capturing images.  In my opinion, it is darn near impossible to pick up a camera, learn some things, and declare yourself a photographer.  That's like picking up a paintbrush and a canvas and calling your self a Painter.  Or like picking up a pair of ballet shoes and trying to pirouette your way on to Swan lake.  Not likely.

That being said, I have always enjoyed taking pictures.  I drag a camera with me just about every where, only to get some prints and scrapbook my memories away.  Point being, I love to take pictures.  I love seeing beautiful pictures that some one has seen in such a special way, it takes your breath.  So, when an amazing photographer on base announced she was going to have classes, I was definitely excited.  I love my camera, and most of the time I can take pictures in focus,  but I really just have no idea what to do with the thing. With all of the settings, and dials and buttons.  I know it's good, and I know I could use it to take good pictures, but I don't know how yet.  I decided the class was for me! Offered on Saturdays, that meant Red could have a little one on one time with his favorite girl, and I could have a little break from mommy world.  I really love mommy world, but some times you need a couple hours away.

We had our first class of four this last Saturday at the ILC.  Camera's ranged from top of the line, several lenses to point and shoots.  Our amazing instructor took the time to go to every person, and make sure they were able to find out how and what to do.  Danielle was patient, kind and honest.  Talking to us about the rule of thirds and focus points- basic photography terms I had no clue existed.  She helped us learn what your settings need to be for what light, and made the Manual setting seem a lot less difficult.  When we took a while to take some shots, focusing on Macro photography and depth of field, she went around and looked through what we had, asked if we had any questions, and gave us tips on how to improve, what to avoid, and how to make your shot more interesting.  I am hooked!  All I want to do is drive around and try things out.  

Maybe I will put a few pictures on here at one point.  Hopefully I will get the hang of things a little more as time goes by.  I am just thrilled to understand more of my buttons and dials!  

In other news; I used decoupage on a composition notebook for the class.  

hangs head in shame

I promise I didn't use an magazine clippings or pictures of my BFFL.  Just scrap booking paper.  Black and white.  
I didn't want to look at that ugly stuff while I was trying to be creative.

In other, other news:
My child is taking her second two hour nap today.
Let us all take a moment of silence to drink coffee and leave it on the end table with no fear.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

The things I love about Texas.

Texas is my favorite place ever. 

Here is why:

- The people.  No matter if you've been there 50 years or 5 minutes, Texans are going to welcome you in and work on getting you to see how much you love Texas.  Because deep down, every one loves Texas.  Some people just don't know it yet.  Some say that Texans are so proud of where they come from and think Texas is the best.  Well, yeah.  Texas has heart, y'all.

- The Country.  When I was younger, before AIM became popular and I hit my teenage years, I spent a lot of time in the pond.  This was also before we found the five foot water moccasin and shot it, only to skin it ( my brother wanted a belt or something) and find a TON of baby snakes that had not yet been born.   Any way,  we fished.  I built a hut in the woods, complete with insulated walls, a roof, and I only used a little string and sticks I found.  My brother made skis out of 2x4's and attempted to ski behind the gator.  We made trails, waded in the pond, and rode horses.  When we got cattle, it was my job to "tame" the first two.  I spent a few afternoons hanging around the pen they were in and got a little closer each day, until I eventually got in with them.  Then, they let me close.  My home town was a lot smaller then than it is now, and my mom and I would stop by the local milkshake stop on the way home from school if I was lucky.  They made the best in town.

The City-  Sure, we might have had to drive 20 miles to the nearest Wal-Mart or Target, but the big city was really just an hour away.  Great shopping, great food was all there if you wanted to venture into it.  I really like the busier parts of Texas as much as I do the not-so- busy parts.  It's still Texas, in every part.

Football-  I attended nearly every single Highschool football game through four years of Highschool.  Mostly because I was on our Drill Team and was performing for half time, but still, I was there.  It didn't matter if our team only won a few times in those four years!  There guys with their chests painted, letter jackets, and t-shirts made for the football players.  We had a  pep-rally nearly every Friday during football season.  Most of my football memories were spent in a hat, a pair of boots, and maroon lipstick.  Amen.

God Blessed Texas.  Need I say more?

The Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo- Spring Time.  Carnival rides.  Country music stars performing every night for weeks.  Barrel Racing.  The one where all of the kids chase the calves and then if they get a halter on them they get to keep it.  Wagon Races.  Buckin' Broncos.  Bull Riding.  Good friends, good people, good fun.

On a closing note, I may or may not have a jar of Texas dirt in my room. 

Is that wrong?  To keep dirt in your house? 

I hope not. 

I also might be missing Texas a little.  Bowling for Soup's song, " Come back to Texas" came through on my iTunes the other day, and I couldn't help but miss it.  " The Dallas Cowboys want you back, The Bush Twins want you back.....It's just not the same since you went away.. before you lose your accent..."

I'm sorry, I'm going to go now.