Saturday, June 4, 2011

"That depends... How many diapers do we have?"


Most young ladies that are nearing in on their twenty second birthday have no issues with the above word.

Leaving the mall, wanna stop and tan?  Sure. Why not?

On our way to the store to buy more cereal, should we stop to look at the vendors selling only Lord knows what?  How would we ever know what they have if we don't???
Bored?  Wanna go to the water park for the last half hour it's open?
Ok.  I like water.
If you're me, it all depends on how many diapers I have.
Now that the punkin head is older, I can share my food and drinks with her, and as long as we have diapers and a paci ( I know, it's time to get rid of it.  We will touch on that later) we are free to move about the cabin until the Pilot turns on the fasten seat belt sign    we run out of diapers and have to go home before some one ( or more than that person) is covered in pee and is mighty uncomfortable.
I find it humorous that I don't carry more diapers with me.
Especially since my life depends on it.
No diapers?  No random fun things.
I like random fun things.

And water.
And starting sentences with and.

Unfortunately, diapers take up space.  Space isn't always available.  Especially if they're cloth diapers.  Those bad boys are fluffy!
( so fluffy I could die!)
Wanna know something?

I am in Texas!
Americans can be so rude.
So much litter it makes me sad.

Chick Fil A
Pastures with wrought iron fences and Oak Trees and cows.
cooking with mom

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Nate said...

I love the name of your blog lol!!